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    PROJECT: "Complexity Research Initiative for Systemic InstabilitieS" (CRISIS)

    The recent world wide economic crisis put forward the need for new tools able to help policy makers in understanding the dynamics of modern economies. This project proposes to address this need by creating an integrated set of complex systems-based ICT tools for modeling the economy that will be of practical use to policymakers in developing policy, testing policy scenarios, and assessing likely policy impacts and efficacy. Specifically, the aim of the project is to develop two empirically grounded agent based models, one describing the European financial system and the other describing the European macro-economy. These models will be the basis for the setting up of a scenario management interface and visualization interface to support analysis for policymakers. This is an FP7 ICT STREP project.

    The project involves twelve research units: Potsdam Institut Fuer Klimafolgenforschung, Universiteit Van Amsterdam, Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional - Barcelona, Medizinische Universitaet - Wien, The City University - London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Aita International Informatikai - Budapest, Universitè degli Studi di Palermo, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives - Paris, Universitè Politecnica delle Marche - Ancona, Scuola Normale Superiore - Pisa and Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (which is the project leader unit).

    The main tasks of the Palermo unit are: To contribute to relate additional information about individual banks and individual firms to the database; to build up networks describing the credit banks/firms relationships both taking into account the system heterogeneity; to concur to the development of an agent based model of the credit banks/firms relationship, based on the stylized facts detected in the network modeling of the bank-firm credit relationship.

    One post-doc positions is available within the project. If interested, please send enquiries to

    The main tasks of the Palermo Unit are within the workpackage WP2: Agent based network model of the financial system.

    The position is for PhDs in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics or Economics. Knowledge of Java, network theory and complex systems is a plus.

    The official call for this position is available here (italian).

    For those foreigners who are interested in applying for this position, please send enquiries to Rosario Nunzio Mantegna. Please note that the deadline for submitting the formal application by registered mail is: 10/03/2012. Please also note that the selection procedure is rather formal from a bureaucratic point of view and it requires the presence in the application of a series of Certificates to be formally admitted to the selection by our University's administrative offices. They are: 1) Certificate of degree with final marks and a "Dichiarazione di Valore" issued by the Italian Embassy. Candidates should also send a simple statement with a request to the Evaluation Committee to evaluate such title as equivalent to the Italian Laurea Magistrale; 2) Certificate of PhD and a "Dichiarazione di Valore" issued by the Italian Embassy; 3) Self-certification (which means just a signed statement under your personal responsibility) of the titles you have: publications, working experience, attendance of schools, ...; 4) Candidates have to also pay a little amount of money (Euro 41.30) and include a receipt of that. In the call they ask to use a postal bulletin but this payment can also be done by making a money transfer to the following bank account: IBAN: IT46X0200804663000300004577 - SWIFT: UNCRITMM of the University of Palermo. In the motivation for the wire transfer you should write "contributo per la partecipazione alla procedura selettiva pubblica per l'attribuzione dell'assegno di ricerca di cui è responsabile scientifico del progetto il Prof. Rosario Nunzio Mantegna".

    For foreign candidates, on written request, the interview can be done online. Again please contact us for the details.