GIACS survey on data collection, processing and dissemination in
complex system research


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1) Is your research project producing or collecting or using data in the investigation of one or more than one complex systems?

2) Would your research project benefit from the access to specific data?

3) What is preventing you from accessing these data?

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4) With reference to data, please indicate which action or actions apply to your research project:

5) Are you storing the data using commercial tools?

6) Are you using a database to store your data?

7) Which is the size of data used in your research project?

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8) Which kind of programming languages are you using to access and process the data (Examples: Fortran, C, C++, Lisp, Python, Perl, ...)?

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9) Could the data of your project be made accessible to other research groups?


10) Are the data or part of them already made accessible to other research groups?

11) Would your research benefit from the existence of standards in data processing?

12) Have you faced any legal issue in accessing, distributing and/or maintaining data of your research project?

13) Would a web-based portal connecting several databases of complex system data useful in your research area?

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14) Would you or some of your collaborators be interested in participating to a discussion/forum about the problem of standardization of data used in tha modelling of complex systems?

15) Would you or sone of your collaborators attend a conference focused on the problems of producing, collecting, using and distribute complex system data?

16) Which topics should consider such a conference?

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17) Which are the key aspects of the standardization of complex system data, as far as your research area is concerned?

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