GIACS Focused Workshop on

"Large databases in biomedical complex systems research"

Jerusalem, Israel, September 15-16 2008

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The conference will be held in Jerusalem on 15-16 September 2008 in parallel to the 5th European Conference on Complex Systems.

The goal of the workshop is to realize a focused meeting of a small group of people that will discuss problems of data collection, data mining, data dissemination, data sharing, and the use of data for supporting policy decisions in research projects dealing with biomedical, biological and ecological complex systems. A special attention will be devoted to the problems related with the use of proprietary and personal data in biomedical complex system research.

The agenda is organized in a half-day workshop session (to be held on September 15th afternoon) and in a successive round table (to be held on September 16th afternoon) discussing proposals and actions useful to improve the access and use of large databases used in biomedical researches to researchers of the complex system community.

Worshop Chairs: Esther Adi-Japha, Rosario Nunzio Mantegna

Organization Support: Michele Tumminello, Salvatore Miccichè