GIACS Focused Workshop on

"Large databases in social and economic complex systems research"

Jerusalem, Israel, September 17-18 2008


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Wednesday 17 September 2008
14:10-14:50 Alan Kirman The advantages and disadvantages of large market data bases: The case of perishable goods and financial markets

14:50-15:30 János Kertész – Searching people's digital footprints

15:30-16:10 Robert F. BoruchEthics, Evidence Grading Systems, and Evidence Based Decision Making in Complex Systems Research

16:10-16:50 Esther Adi-Japha - Large databases vs. individual analysis: Two complimentary approaches in the study of education and learning

16:50-17:20 Coffee break
17:20-18:00 Mauro Gallegati – Financially Constrained Fluctuations in an Evolving Network Economy

18:00-18:40 Imre Kondor – Instability of downside risk measures

Thursday 18 September 2008
14:10-14:50 Stefan Bornholdt Physics of complex networks: Applications in large online markets
talk available upon request
14:50-15:30 Byungnam Kahng – Quantifying the Complete Trajectory of the Coauthorship Network Evolution
talk available upon request
15:30-16:10 Fabrizio Lillo – The evolution of high frequency financial databases: from daily data to agent resolved data

16:10-16:40 Coffee break
16:40-17:20 David Brée - Energy policy: a complex systems perspective

17:20-19:00 Round Table: The use of large databases in complex system research of social and economic complex systems