Palermo, Italy, 25-27 Nov 2007

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List of Participants

This Workshop will include presentations of the contributions of all participating groups in the tradition of all previous such meetings (Marburg, Tel-Aviv, Stockholm, Aveiro). In addition, this time there will be several guest participants who are experts on subjects similar to the scope of DYSONET. They are invited to present their work, participate in the discussions, and contribute to the better understanding of problems we are dealing with.

It is expected that participants will arrive in Palermo at the latest during the day of Sunday. Sunday afternoon will be reserved for informal discussions among collaborating groups. Formally, we will start in the morning of Monday at 09:00 am.

All presentations will be given during the day Monday and in the morning of Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon is planned for further round-table discussions, planning, preparation of the final report, possibilities for future applications, etc. The meeting will formally conclude at the end of the day Tuesday.